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Positive Affirmation – SHINE ON!

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of my positive affirmation quotes, but I’m back!

The words and actions of others can hurt. They can tear down confidence and instil within us negative thoughts and feelings towards ourselves. They may leave us feeling empty, unwanted and dull.

I’ve suffered at the words and actions of others many times. Yes, I’m about to delve into one of those cliché high school horror stories. I was called a whale, told to be careful when I sit down in case the chair legs break under my weight and told I was “fat and lazy” for not wanting to participate in Physical Education. Although I was never stick thin, I was also never overweight. I wasn’t even the “biggest” in any of my classes. Maybe I was an easy target. Maybe I gave them the reaction they wanted. I DEFINITELY let them make me feel like their words were true. I let them rob me of my sparkle for too long.

To this day I have body confidence struggles. At this very moment, I sit here worrying that I won’t be “skinny enough” for my upcoming wedding. That my “flabby arms” will ruin all of our wedding photos. So, when I came across this quote – “Never let anyone dull your sparkle” – it got me thinking. Why should I let what other people, people who no longer have any place in my life and who have never really been of any importance, continue to drag me down? Their words were never true. I LET myself believe they were.

Let the real you SHINE!

Today I challenge myself, and you, to start pushing away the negativity of the past and the present. Start believing the good things people say about you. I am surrounded by a multitude of loving and kind people who tell me I am beautiful, smart, funny and PERFECT the way I am. Why has it taken me so long to start listening to them instead of the horrible bullies from high school and beyond? Luckily, it’s never too late to change your mindset. Here’s to getting your sparkle back and only believing in the GOOD things about yourselves.


Here is my hand-lettered version of this quote. You can download this print by clicking here or head to my downloads page to find this and many other pieces of positivity.




I hope this positive affirmation brings a spark of positivity to your day!


Tegan xx

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