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Bullet Journal: Wedding Planning – Part 1



Today marks 3 months until I marry the man of my dreams! So, I decided to share how I’ve incorporated wedding planning into my bullet journal.

There are so many ways you can do this: budget trackers, vendor lists, checklists, countdowns and so much more. I decided to keep it simple and so far, I have a wedding overview, a wedding checklist and a possible honeymoon destination brainstorm page. This is what worked for me as I do a lot of my budget and vendor planning in Excel since it’s easier to make changes and do calculations.

I’ve enjoyed making these wedding pages in my bullet journal. It’s a lot prettier than a plain excel sheet and I can add personal touches, as well have it as a bit of a keepsake.

I want to show you my wedding planning bullet journal pages in 2 or 3 parts over time, so I can update you on what works well and any changes or additions I make. Today I’ll show you the overview and the first couple of pages of my wedding checklist!


Overview page:

I wanted to create a nice simple page to outline the basic information about our wedding. I included the date, a rough budget breakdown, venue, colour scheme and bridal party. Here is how I set it out:



Wedding Planning Checklist:

We set our wedding date 8 months from our engagement. A lot of pre-made wedding checklists start over 12 months out from the wedding, so I took inspiration from a few magazines and online checklists to create one that suited me and my timeline. I’ve always been a “to-do list” kind of person. I love having everything I need to do and when set out clearly. Plus, it’s always a great feeling ticking off items and seeing the progress you’ve made!




Keeping these pages in my bullet journal keeps me organised and on top of all the wedding planning stress (well, as best as possible when you’re a stress-head!). I hope you can find inspiration here and have loads of fun including wedding planning in your bullet journal. If you do, feel free to share photos in the comments section to help inspire myself and others!



Tegan xx



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