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Positive Affirmation: Create Your Own Sunshine

I’m back with another positive affirmation!

Sometimes I find myself sitting around just waiting for good things to happen. I go about my regular business just hoping that out of the blue something great will appear and add a little extra sunshine to my life. Don’t get me wrong, my life is already filled with so many fantastic things, but like many others, now and again I think, “Oh, if only this were to happen today would be better” or maybe, “If I were only better at this, I’d be happier”. But do I go and do anything about it? Not really.

For the most part, the truth is that good things don’t just pop up out of nowhere. You must put a little effort in to make it happen. Whatever it is you want, go out there and grab it. Do something about it. Whether it’s a new job, a hobby you’ve always wanted to take up or a fitness goal, sitting around won’t get you anywhere. Go out and CREATE YOUR OWN SUNSHINE!

Here is today’s hand-lettered positive affirmation, created with a watercolour background. Click here to download or check out my downloads page here.



Creativ Watercolour Artist Pad

Creativ Watercolour Paints (Yellow, Vermillion & Crimson Red)



Artline Drawing System Pens (0.2 & 0.5)


I just love playing around with watercolours to create different background effects. Watching the colours run together and react with the water can be so mesmerising and relaxing. It always gives a different and beautiful effect in the work.

I hope this affirmation has brought some positive inspiration into your day!



Tegan xx

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